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We have customers at every level, and in every sport.  Here are just a few of our collegiate and professional teams that use THE TUG to get more out of their players, every season!

Tug Waist Harness

Tug Shoulder Harness

The Original Tug

Youth Sports

Thank you for your interest in ​The Tug for your Youth Sports Teams. If you would like to order Tugs for your youth program,​

Athletic programs all across America have seen the benefits of THE TUG. This product has been endorsed by players and coaches in all levels of athletics.

The Water Slog

The Tug Jacket

​​​Welcome​ - You Can't Hide from the TUG®!​

  "The Ultimate Competition Apparatus"

The word SLOG in part means, long laborous work...

Water Slog

Water Slog Applications

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  • Water must be added to The WATER SLOG® to be effective.
  • Use THE  WATER SLOG as an alternative for barbell work.​