Now you can flip it like a tire.  Due to its shape and capacity it is harder to flip than THE TUG and even tires.  Do dead lifts, single and double arm cleans, and use it as an anchor for various abdominal movements.

Safety – Athletes participating in any activity with THE WATER SLOG should be instructed on proper technique and have adequate spotters.  Start with less water and work your way up in weight as athletes get comfortable using THE WATER SLOG.  For most movements, it is recommended that you only fill up to half full, as the movement of the water will create an unstable apparatus.  Never use anything but water to fill your WATER SLOG.

Athletes will work their core and stabilizing muscles by fighting the water as it moves around inside THE WATER SLOG. By combining movements with THE WATER SLOG, athletes will work more areas more thoroughly than with dumbbells or barbells, and usually at a lesser weight.  Overhead and multi-joint movements are now more complicated, as are traditional single joint movements.  Work out with a partner.  Be creative and you’ll discover news ways to use THE WATER SLOG in your daily workouts.​

Fill THE WATER SLOG completely with water.

THE WATER SLOG is a great dynamic warm-up and finish work apparatus.  Because of the water inertia, lower weights can be used to activate stabilizing muscles and engage the core in a wide variety of movements.  All pressing and squatting movements, and even standing still and just maintaining balance are enhanced. 

Strength and Balance Training – Battle the inertia of water as you move with THE WATER SLOG.

WATER SLOG Applications

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​​Water must be added to THE WATER SLOG® to be effective.

Less water less weight, more water more weight.  One gallon of water weighs 8.3 pounds.  The WATER SLOG has the capacity to hold up to 16 gallons that will give it a maximum weight of ~165 pounds.  Weight should be adjusted according to the size and ability of the participant and the activity.

Use the THE WATER SLOG as an alternative for barbell work.