There are NO runners on THE TUG to restrict movement.  Now, your athletes can be athletes by replicating game movements with a free range of motion and the right amount of resistance for their position (Pulling guard, linebacker drops, transition drills for basketball, soccer and hockey).  Use it for a Crab Push, Karaoke Drills, Sprints, Back Pedals and more.  For hockey, two skaters can work together to build explosiveness (one pulling, one trailing skater to slow Tug at the end of the pull).  Skaters then rotate belts and repeat drill going the other direction. 

Fill THE TUG completely with water.

Now you can flip it like a tire, use it as an anchor for sit-ups (solo or paired) and medicine ball drills (paired) by hooking your feet through the handles.  Hold THE TUG by the handles in a supine position for various abdominal movements.

Safety – Athletes participating in any tug of war competition should NEVER let go of THE TUG.  Athletes should hold THE TUG tightly with their hands throughout the drill and NEVER put their arms through the handles.  Use only WATER to increase weight, NEVER add sand. 

Tug Applications

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Water must be added to THE TUG to be effective and to minimize risk of injury.

Less water weight, more water more weight.  One gallon of water weighs 8.3 pounds.  The TUG has the capacity to hold up to 15 gallons that will give it a maximum weight of 140 pounds.  Weight should be adjusted according to the size and ability of the participant and the activity.

Use THE TUG as the ultimate apparatus for TUG OF WAR Competition.

Only one winner! Drag your opponent across a line or compete for a preset duration of time for additional strength and conditioning training and team building.

Strength and Balance Training – Athletes can capture the inertia of water as they move with THE TUG.

​Athletes will work their core and stabilizing muscles by fighting to control THE TUG as the water moves around inside. By combining functional movements with THE TUG, athletes will work more areas more thoroughly than with dumbbells or barbells, and usually at a lesser weight.  Overhead and multi-joint movements are now more complicated, as are traditional single joint movements.  Work with a partner and work out two athletes at once.  Be creative and you’ll discover news ways to use THE TUG in your daily workouts.

Weight Sled – Harness THE TUG through the handles with the flat side down.​​