Spartan Kettlebells - Scandinavian Sales

Contact:  Olof Elwin
Phone:  (461) 414 78833
skype Olof-viking

"Spartan Gym currently leads the development of functional training in Sweden. The founders of the company are me, Olof Elwin and Jenny Samuelson. We both have a solid training background and have been taught by the best."
"Spartan is always looking for new functional tools that can help us spread our mission – to train for well-functioning bodies. For Spartan functional training means mobility, balance and strength to get bodies that function as a unit."
"That’s why we added The Tug to our catalog. It’s a tool that deserves the name functional training. The water inside gives The Tug weight but it also creates an imbalance which creates “chaos”. The water moves around and the path is unpredictable which means that our bodies need to use of all the little stabilizing muscles to keep The Tug straight. The Tug gives you a strong body which functions as a unit and it’s fun to play with."

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